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presented by Jazz am Helmholtzplatz e.V.

Over the years, double bassist Holger Scheidt has primarily worked with purely acoustic quintet and quartet music, and has released a total of four albums with these line-ups. After living in New York for some time, where he also met Joe Hertenstein, it was difficult for him, like all musicians, to be thrown back on himself during the pandemic and the lockdowns.

Fortunately, that time has now faded into the background. And while the love for quartets and quintets and to music produced exclusively by swinging wood and swinging metal, the period of isolation has also brought about a new approach. Thrown back to making music in solitude, Scheidt began playing the double bass with help to develop and expand electronic effects devices. In this context, he started experimenting with various trios and duos about a year and a half ago. These are initially based on the classic jazz repertoire, then break out of the pure sound of wood and metal and enter new sonic territory.

For the concert at Jazz am Helmholtzplatz e.V. in the Brotfabrik, Scheidt managed to get two particularly virtuoso representatives of the Berlin jazz scene
to invite. Benedikt Jahnel will be on piano and Joe Hertenstein on drums.

Benedikt Jahnel:

Benedikt Jahnel has two great passions. Born in Upper Bavaria, he is not only a music lover and one of the most talented jazz pianists and composers of his generation, but also has a doctorate in mathematics. The award-winning bands max.bab and Cyminology, of which he is still a member today, brought him his first major attention as a musician around the turn of the millennium.

Text: Thomas Loewner

Joe Hertenstein:

Hertenstein, who played drums as a child, was initially interested in classical and rock music before discovering jazz at the age of 19. He initially studied music in Munich, Rotterdam, Berlin and Cologne. In 2007 he moved to New York City, where he completed a Master of Arts in jazz at Queens College.[3]

Text: Holger Scheidt


  • Holger Scheidt - bass
  • Joe Hertenstein - drums
  • Benedikt Jahnel - piano
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