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A scenic object mess

In the piece, the theme of taboo and shame in relation to sexuality was chosen. In choosing the topic, the focus was placed on the extent to which sexuality is what unites people, what everyone has, but at the same time is completely different for each person.

Szene aus Scham I Lippen
Szene aus Scham I Lippen © Madita Kuhfuhs

Despite this individual generality or general individuality, society tries to portray this subject as unnatural, sinful or shameful. Therefore, such everyday objects were collected, which everyone in life lands in their hands day after day, but which in their function have something associative to do with sexuality.

In the first rehearsal phase, various questions were explored: To what extent can you talk to your parents about your first sexual experiences? What do you think about the whole topic as a child? What everyday activities with sexual association create a strong sense of shame in most people in public and why? How does language and word choice express feelings of shame? How can physical intimacy of various kinds remain unaffected, harmless, and innocent?

Thus, in the form of an object theater revue, a fun play development was created in which spectators and performers, people and objects, men and women, young and old can rejoice together in their otherness and similarity.
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Participating artists
Enikő Mária Szász
Odile Pothier
Eszter Zala