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Special Edition: Erotic Slam!

It crackles behind the shadow wall of Berlin's most experimental poetry slam. Covered only by a wafer-thin wall of shadow, the poets breathe their most erotic texts into your ears. Maybe a little suggestive. Maybe a bit X-rated. Definitely full of eroticism. This slam will leave you blushing, fuzzy, and probably having a really good evening with whoever afterwards.

At Schall & Rauch, the artists perform under code names behind a shadow wall - popularity and appearance fade into the background. Voting takes place with separate grades for text and performance. The organizer team Jesko Habert & Clara Schlempp invite a variety of musical guests every month who enrich the evening with features.

The city's most experimental slam brings together newcomers and professionals - and only the text and the performance penetrate the shadow wall that hangs from the stage of the Fabriktheater.

What's so experimental? In general, slam poets are allowed to use props behind the sound & smoke shadow wall - that alone invites unexpected artistic experiments. And special editions are added at irregular intervals: themed slams, schnapps specials, gambling editions or the infamous erotic edition have given Schall & Rauch a reputation for always serving up artistic news. Don't worry: the special editions will of course be specially noted!