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Special edition: Erotic slam, the most experimental poetry slam in Berlin. Covered only by a gauzy shadow wall, our poets will breathe their most erotic texts into your ears.

Veranstaltungen in Berlin: Schall & Rauch Erotik-Slam
© Kiezpoeten

Maybe a bit raunchy. Maybe a bit adult. In any case, full of eroticism.

This slam will make you blush, get horny, and probably have a really good evening with whoever afterwards.

At Schall & Rauch, the artists perform under code names behind a shadow wall - fame and appearance take a back seat. Voting will take place with separate scores for text and performance.

Every month, the organizing team Jesko Habert & Clara Schlempp invite diverse musical guests to enrich the evening with feature interludes.

Language: German
Fabriktheater Moabit