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Scéalta /ʃcialˠta/ - A Gaelic word with great origins. Thousands of years ago, Irish legends and stories were recited to the public by the scéalaithe - the storytellers. These traveled across Ireland and wrote down experiences, interesting and interesting facts to present them to the common people. Even centuries later, storytelling is a big part of Irish culture and is still practiced today.

Scéalta auf der Bühne
Scéalta auf der Bühne © Erwin Ramm

Four artists from different parts of Europe - from the Carpathians to Donegal Bay - have spent their lives telling stories through Irish music and dance. By chance, Berlin became the place of their creative work. Here they tied a ribbon from their different experiences - with stories about home, travel, friendship and love.

This is how Scéalta was born. A concert in quartet with modern scéalaithe (storytellers) - Patrizia Sieweck (fiddle & vocals), Daniel O'Connor (guitar & vocals), Nicole Ohnesorge (dance) and Gyula Glaser (dance).

Scéalta brings stories to life with the help of stirring Irish folk songs and melodies in modern interpretation and staging paired with captivating Irish tap dance.

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