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For a whole weekend, winemakers will be offering their best products in the Great Orangery at Charlottenburg Palace. There are also sparkling wines, dessert wines and spirits. The SAVOIR-VIVRE wine fair 2024 in Charlottenburg Palace is a “family meeting” for wine fans and winemakers.

Anyone looking for suitable wines has a good opportunity to try them out and get advice from the winemaker. If you want to buy something: The wines will be delivered directly from the winery at producer prices in time for the festival.

Wine is currently back in fashion and a trend, especially among young people, but not only among wine fans, but in many wineries, the young generation is allowed to show what they have learned and particularly appeals to younger wine lovers. The wines of older generations are also popular. The interaction between old and young is exciting when both young winemakers and traditional wineries present their products.