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Between The Cure, Jugendradio DT64 and the Other Bands - Gruftis and Waver in the GDR - these were mainly fans of The Cure, Die Ärzte and Depeche Mode. Plus Anne Clark, Sister Of Mercy, Joy Division and many others...

Sascha Lange
Sascha Lange © Gert Mothes

In black clothes, with sweeping hairstyles and a music in the area of tension between depression, melancholy and poppy melodies, young people developed a very special attitude towards life in the time of decay of a whole country...

The West-Bravo youth magazine and the East youth radio DT64 equally fed the information horizon of the wavers and goths from 1986/87 on, together with countless own interpretations. The new "Other Bands" brought additional musical input. An own, self-created cultural home. Even the numerous hostilities by fascists and the GDR security apparatus could not stop the spread of this youth culture.

On August 4, 1990, The Cure's concert in the former GDR was turbulent and legendary. With the first Wave-Gothic-Meeting in May 1992 in Leipzig, organized by Gruftis on their own responsibility, the circle closes. The result is Our Darkness - Gruftis und Waver in der DDR, a multi-layered picture of a youth culture at the end of the 1980s, for which the GDR hardly existed anymore and which had long since established itself internationally.

An event by Literatur LIVE in cooperation with Thalia Buchhandlung.

(Program in German)

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