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There are times when laughter just sticks in the throat, when the last joke has been told and all the happy tunes in the world have faded away. But fortunately these times have not yet dawned!

And that is why the songwriter, who has been awarded the "German Cabaret Prize", has once again written a host of new rousing diatribes, clever protest songs and unabashedly catchy tunes: About dogged traditionalists, for example, about gastrointestinal viruses on Christmas Eve, about the fear of concerned citizens and about the love of public service.

Sarah Hakenberg hammers away merrily at the keys, strums her ukulele and tells us about the abysses that lie dormant in the human soul and about the great confusion out there.

It doesn't make the world a better place, but at least more bearable.

An evening full of intelligent malice, cheerful charm and irresistible audacity!

(Program in German)

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