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The fairy tale retold by Marifet Kaya was published in 2022 as a bilingual children's book. The film version is now being shown publicly for the first time at the Babylon cinema in Berlin-Mitte. The fairy tale originates from the storytelling culture of the author, who comes from the Varto region.

Veranstaltungen in Berlin: Sanika Lacê Pire – Der Vogelsänger und der Spatz
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At the beginning of the screening, she will recite the story of the storyteller of her childhood, accompanied by music and supported by film. 

After the screening, we will discuss the Zazaki language. Where is the Zazaki language spoken? Which languages is Zazaki related to? It is important to ask why Zazaki is threatened with extinction and what efforts are being made in Turkey and Europe to promote the language.

Language: Zazaki with German subtitles
Babylon Mitte