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"Really good music - SINFUL, a bit of nonsense now and then - plenty of action and of course wonderfully soulful kitsch, an evening to get rid of HEAVINESS." This is how Samuel Koch describes his first live show. A mixture of show(play), concert, sit up comedy, vaudeville and inspirational impulses.

Tempodrom © visitBerlin, Foto: Wolfgang Scholvien

The actor, who flew high as a stuntman and landed hard, inspires his audience with his charisma, zest for life and versatility. With quick-wittedness, wit and cheerfulness, he races through his life in a wheelchair and spares no challenge - whether in the air, under water or on stage. He makes people laugh and cry, he entertains, moves, touches and surprises.

And because with all his optimism he conveys the message: "If I can do it, so can you," he is considered an encourager by many people. The artist will be accompanied on his first major live tour by several musicians, acting colleagues and changing celebrity guests from music, film and television.

"In any case, it will be great fun," he promises. "Be there and let's take off!"

(Program in German)

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