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Sticks'n'Sushi is supplementing its cherry blossom Easter specials in all three Berlin restaurants with a sakura guide for Berlin to help guests find the best spots for their cherry blossom hanami in Berlin.

This year, Easter directly follows the Japanese Cherry Blossom Day on 27 March - a good reason for flowery specials from Sticks'n'Sushi, including cocktails and tips for hanami destinations in Berlin.

Berlin is finally blooming again. On Japanese Cherry Blossom Day, Berlin's trees also put their best foot forward and present their white and pink splendour.
Not only does it look magical, it also tastes exceptionally good, as Sticks'n'Sushi translates the cherry blossom just before Easter into two festive highlights.

Delicate chocolate fondant encasing a pink centre proves to be a special dessert and, together with cherry ice cream, sparks holiday feelings. The Sakura cocktail is a refreshingly different surprise with subtle fruity flavours.

The three Berlin restaurants also show their rosiest side: with flower arrangements in Ikebana style, impressively staged branches from the cherry tree and pink blossoms. 
With the cherry blossom specials, Easter is guaranteed to be a springtime celebration.

If the sun is shining, guests can also organise their own hanami with the Sticks'n'Sushi specialities:
The traditional picnic for the blossom show becomes a special experience with take-away menu classics.

The Sticks'n'Sushi team has collected the most beautiful cherry blossom spots in Berlin in a small Sakura Guide: 

Bornholmer Straße
You can discover an enchanting section with cherry blossoms along the small path on Norwegerstraße.

You can order our delicious sushi specialities to take away and enjoy a great picnic in Mauerpark. Here you will also find beautiful cherry trees, which provide the perfect backdrop for your sakura experience with their magnificent blossoms. 

Landwehr Canal
A first-class place to admire cherry blossoms in Berlin is on the Landwehr Canal, right in the heart of the city. There are 45 cherry trees in bloom here. You can reach this charming spot via Görlitzer Park.

In the small park on Hohenzollernplatz, you can enjoy an avenue of cherry blossom trees far away from the crowds. It is also an ideal place for a picnic.

Gardens of the world
The grounds of the former Berlin International Garden Exhibition in Marzahn offer a classic place to relax under cherry blossoms. There are a good 80 cherry trees in the Japanese area of the Gardens of the World that invite you to linger.

TV-Asahi cherry blossom avenue
The former border strip has become the most beautiful cherry tree avenue in the city thanks to a fundraising campaign by Japanese broadcaster TV Asahi. After a walk through the almost two kilometres of blossoms, you can have a picnic in the meadow.

Area Head Chef Song Lee says: "Everything you need for a picnic among the blossoms can simply be taken away from our restaurants."

Anyone who goes on a trip to admire the blossom will understand why the cherry blossom is a symbol of beauty and new beginnings in Japan. At the same time, however, the sakura also symbolises transience, as the cherries only bloom for a short time before they wither and fall to the ground. In this sense, life should be celebrated as often as possible. 
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