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TODES, the world-famous ballet by Russian choreographer Alla Duchowaja has been thrilling millions and millions of spectators all over the world for over thirty years. Now the ballet ensemble comes back to Berlin with a brand new and very impressive show "#The Continuation". "#The Continuation" is a unique experiment. It shows virtuosity and the individual style of the outstanding choreographer. There are rousing humorous performances and passionate choreos that make the hearts of the audience beat faster, but also lyrical and folk motifs that radiate calm and harmony.

Urania von außen
Urania von außen AHOJ!

"#TheContinuation" is a new story about strong human feelings, about moving moments and adventurous worlds. Breathtaking stage costumes, enchanting music and the colorful stage lights perfectly complete the performance.

TODES took off over 30 years ago as a pioneer of show ballet soon established itself as a world-class dance show. And now TODES is ready to impress and enchant once again! The new performance embodies in itself the best: a unique dance world, inimitable choreos, thrilling stories and fantastic costumes! Do not miss this ultimate dance event in the best traditions of Russian ballet!

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Urania - Humboldtsaal