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Rusalka, a water creature, has fallen in love with the seemingly unattainable prince. To get a place in his world and to be close to him, she even gives up her ability to speak and changes her shape. But can Rusalka live against her nature? Can a love endure in which one must deny one's identity?

Librettist Jaroslav Kvapil used several fairy tales and myths as sources for his psychological-symbolistic libretto. Antonín Dvořák's opulently dazzling score, which became his first operatic success, is a true masterpiece and opens up a breadth of possible interpretations of the multi-layered material.

Kornél Mundruzcó, who most recently staged the opera "Sleepless" by Peter Eötvös at the State Opera, which won the "Premiere of the Year" award, emphasizes the topicality of the material in his reading: it is the soul drama of a woman and at the same time a modern fairy tale that raises questions about identity and corporeality.

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Additional information
Einführungsmatinee am 28. Januar 2024
Participating artists
Antonín Dvořák (Komponist/in)
Jaroslav Kvapil (Autor/in)