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in exile

Exiles have shaped Berlin for centuries. And with them their cultures, their art. For people who have to leave their homes or are expelled, their intangible cultural assets are often the only thing they have left. Songs, tastes, sounds, images and feelings - storage and memory of a previous life.

In a foreign country, what you brought with you meets something new, but also the existential experience of alienation and insecurity.

Countless works of art are deeply shaped by the situation of exile, be it the works of Jewish artists, writers and musicians who had to turn their backs on Germany due to Nazi persecution, or the art and culture of those who are fleeing wars in Syria or Ukraine today.

As part of the Days of Exile organized by the new Berlin Exile Museum, we are dedicating an evening to them, these uprooted people, and their art and culture in our lounge at Heimathafen Neukölln.

As always, the wonderful presenter Boussa Thiam will guide you through the evening and talk to selected people. And of course, as always, the members of the Rundfunkchor Berlin will be there, as well as DJ Malfatti, who will take care of the thematic musical arrangement of the evening.
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