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Bella Italia – La dolce vita?

Italy - the place of longing for the Germans. But like every longing, this one too is in the end primarily a projection that often tells us more about one's own desires and ideas than about the object toward which they are directed. If such a projection is disappointed or exposed, the pendulum quickly swings the other way. There is rarely enough time and space for the complexity of the circumstances.


On this evening we want to look behind the clichés not only musically but also thematically, to trace the diversity of Italy in history and the present and not to leave out difficult topics. Instead of Verdi, we will hear Jewish swing from the Trio Lescano, a successful singing trio in Italy in the 1930s and 40s; instead of the Teutonic grill on the Adriatic Sea, Lampedusa as a port of call for countless boats with refugees; instead of gelato and pizza, the Mafia and its entanglements, even into the German underworld. This last point will be discussed with Sandro Mattioli, a journalist who specializes in the Mafia.

The singers of the Rundfunkchor Berlin under the direction of Gijs Leenaars and our fantastic moderator Boussa Thiam will ensure that, in the face of all these rather heavy topics, the beautiful moments are not neglected.

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