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Rumpelstilzchen Oh how good that nobody knows... How the title of this fairy tale is. For who, please, is this completely over-excited being who suddenly and completely unasked for appears here in the miller's daughter's dark chamber?

Veranstaltungen in Berlin: Rumpelstilzchen & Rapunzel
Daniel Wetzel

Who, for heaven's sake, transforms this dungeon into a show stage of international format within seconds? Man, it lies on the tongue... But it is also to milk mice: degrees when one succeeds, "More!" is shouted from all sides. And so the beautiful miller's daughter spins straw into gold and cries, and spins, and cries, and spins. The king, this Grimmsche Dagobert Duck, actually demands more and more. Then the miller's daughter promises her firstborn to the lost little man, who hurries to her rescue. Stupid only that nobody knows his name! Because without him, she never sees her child again. Will she get the child back at the end? Well, it all depends on how carefully the audience has studied the programme...

with Friederike Maria Nölting and Carsta Zimmermann

Rapunzel: "Rapunzel, let me down your hair...", words of a fairy tale that are at least as well known as its authors, who have written them down for posterity.

Everyone knows this fairy tale: A story of the fulfilment of the most fervent desires and of the first great and everlasting love. But if we let this fairy tale become reality, it begins to take possession of us and suddenly the characters pass into us. Suddenly it is the fairy tale that observes and questions the viewer. Everything is upside down and abysses open up that can only be expressed in an opulent Baroque opera.

with Claudia Graue | Friederike Maria Nölting | Claudia Rippe and Vlad Chiriac | Andreas Klopp
Pfefferberg - Glaspalast