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Cabaret & Comedy Mix Show

The Distel Ensemble member Rüdiger Rudolph bridges the gap between cabaret and comedy on this evening, resurrecting the famous cabaret DerKomiker.

Distel Ensemble Mitglied Rüdiger Rudolph
Distel Ensemble Mitglied Rüdiger Rudolph © Foto: Urban Ruths

According to this tradition, he says "the mix makes it!" and presents a happy togetherness of cabaret, stand up comedy and music.

There are cabaret artists and there are more Stand Up comedians and whoever dares to call them even for this one evening, even as a comedian - if he or she is willing to bear the consequences. As a capricious emcee, Rüdiger will try to avoid the worst.

This show is only played in German.

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Kabarett-Theater Distel - Studio
Kabarett-Theater Distel - Studio