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Nikolaus Herdieckerhoff on the cello tells the somewhat different Little Red Riding Hood story, in which the story of the terrible wolf becomes a terribly funny story in which all moods on the cello find a virtuoso correspondence.

On a sunny summer's day, cheerful Little Red Riding Hood meets the sneaky wolf. When he hears that she is on her way to grandmother's, he decides that today the main course should be grandmother and Little Red Riding Hood as a starter. But then he discovers the old lady's nightgown, slips into it - and the role reversal is perfect. Unfortunately, the door slams shut as he greedily looks out for the little girl.

The old material is easily re-tailored here to create a courageous book with an extended fairy tale staff. In addition, Nikolaus Herdieckerhoff makes the strings of his cello vibrate so that it is a sheer joy.
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Participating artists
Göksen Güntel (Regie)
Mario Ramos (Autor/in)
Nikolaus Herdieckerhoff
Marie Landgraf