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Accounts of the Treptowers Park area go back as far as the 17th century, as today's Gasthaus Zenner stands on the site of a former outwork from that time. It was laid out as a green space for Berlin's growing population by 1888 and was the scene of a variety of activities. A Berlin trade exhibition was held there, the site was the scene of demonstrations, and after 1945 the Soviets laid out their largest memorial in Berlin there.

Brücke zur Insel der Jugend
Brücke zur Insel der Jugend © CROSS ROADS - Berlin mit anderen Augen

The guided tour shows history in stories about this large park and takes you to little-known places.

  • Meeting point: at the S-Bahn station Treptower Park at the exit to the park side at the height of the harbor Treptow
  • City guide: Ralph Jakisch
  • For city walkers
  • Costs: 15 €
  • Aimed at: Adults
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