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One of the most exciting young trios in the jazz world makes a guest appearance at the Zig Zag Jazz Club Berlin.

Ron Minis is a force of nature. With the rhythmic patterns of his pieces, he invites you to dream and dance at the same time. His trio moves restlessly and energetically between lyrical phrases and relentless rhythm. The Israeli pianist with the distinctive blue beard creates music full of emotion, seduces with gentle melodies, changes abruptly into hammering staccati and ends in spherical soundscapes without ever losing the arc of tension. And he reaches for the electric guitar in the middle of the concert, blurring the transition to the grand piano (distorted via a second guitar amp).Ron Minis received classical piano lessons, later let off steam in various punk, noise and metal projects and has a penchant for mechanical and electronic tinkering - in a YouTube video that went viral, you can watch him taking a piano apart and building an electric guitar out of it.

In his current music, the man from Tel Aviv also shows strong inspiration from the Middle Eastern culture of Israel or the influence of artists like Tigran Hamasyan. It all sounds a bit crazy, but exciting? It is! We are happy to ask a young trio on stage, which will cause amazement and furore.

The Ron Minis Trio is one of the most exciting young trios in the jazz world and has performed at the Montreux Festival or at the world's most important jazz fair jazzahead.

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