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Through his many years of work for the magazine SIBYLLE and the fashion company EXQUISIT, Roger Melis became one of the best-known fashion photographers in the GDR. A lavishly printed illustrated book now takes stock of this side of his multifaceted work for the first time with 150 photographs.

Roger Melis: Modefotografie 1967-1990
Roger Melis: Modefotografie 1967-1990 © Promo

The photographs impressively document that and how dedicated designers and editors succeeded in developing contemporary fashion for working women that was suitable for everyday wear yet still appealing. At the same time, they attest to the photographer's preference for the natural charisma of proud, self-confident women.

Roger Melis' photos avoid anything unnatural or posed, they do not require the mannequins to contort or expose themselves, but treat them respectfully as personalities - long before the concept of the "supermodel" became popular. Lively reportage-style photos alternate with studio shots that often turn into subtle portraits where all that really needs to be presented is a sweater or a dress. Both the fashion itself and the way it is photographed demonstrate timeless modernity.

An event by Literatur LIVE in cooperation with Lehmstedt Verlag and Thalia Buchhandlung.

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