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Back to the 80s: the time of mullet hairstyles, casual outfits and wicked electric guitar sounds and above all: the greatest rock anthems of all time live! The award-winning musical ROCK OF AGES is also making a stop in Berlin on its grand tour through Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

ROCK OF AGES is the live spectacle that doesn't take itself too seriously and doesn't leave out any clichés of the unmistakable 80s. Is it a love story or a rock homage, a musical or a parody? ROCK OF AGES is simply everything and definitely too much of everything. The audience experiences real rockers, a crazy live band and the lifestyle of the 80s.

Over 25 legendary world hits such as HERE I GO AGAIN (Whitesnake), THE FINAL COUNTDOWN (Europe), CAN'T FIGHT THIS FEELING (REO Speedwagon) and I WANT TO KNOW WHAT LOVE IS (Foreigner) will have the theatre shaking until the concrete crumbles.

Rock of Ages is set in Los Angeles in the 80s: studded belts and ripped jeans reign in the legendary rock club "Bourbon Room" on the infamous Sunset Strip. This is where small-town girl Sherrie meets big-city boy Drew - but the love story between the naive waitress and the serene bartender fails before it has even really begun.

Because the city wants to clean up the Sunset Strip - the existence of the "Bourbon Room" is under threat. A charity concert by the successful rock band "Arsenal" is supposed to flush money into the club operator's empty coffers. But with the appearance of the eccentric lead singer Stacee Jaxx, disaster takes its course...

I wanna rock!

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Additional information
Language: The songs are sung in the original English.
All other songs and dialogues in German.

Show duration: approx. 2.5 hours incl. one intermission