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When Robert Kreis gave his new program the title "Unkraut vergeht nicht!" (Weeds never die), he could not have guessed that shortly thereafter the always open doors to art would abruptly close due to a pandemic, separating him from his audience for so long.

Key Visual Hauptbühne
Key Visual Hauptbühne © Renaissance Theater

The title of the program suddenly took on a completely different dimension, as theatergoers, artistic directors and artists had to cope with a long cultural drought.

When things get really "thick" due to a drought, you need a good dose of humor, which, like a downpour, makes everything green and grow again.

So Robert Kreis once again serves up a wealth of jewels of Weimar entertainment, spanning an entertaining arc between yesterday and today with astonishing ease.

Robert Kreis - always a round thing!

Often copied - but never equaled!

(Program in German)

Participating artists
Robert Kreis
Renaissance-Theater Berlin