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During his long stage career, the Dutch cabaret artist and entertainer Robert Kreis has always been drawn to the metropolises of the entire world.

Driven by this metropolitan fever, he also ignited in Europe for Vienna, Budapest, London and Paris. There, life pulsates particularly fiercely and inspired Robert Kreis to create his numerous theater programs, with which he completely thrilled his audiences.
But he noticed very early on that all these cities - then and now - were magically inspired in the world of entertainment by a city that still attracts millions of people to this day : Berlin!

Also in his program "Großstadtfieber!" he presents his audience jewels and rarities from the Berlin of the "Golden Twenties" full of liveliness and esprit under the motto: "Others prefer the country air - I prefer big city fever! Let yourself be infected!!!"

Robert Kreis manages to hit intravenously right into the heart of his audience.

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