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A misleadingly read decision by the state and party leadership by Central Committee Secretary Günter Schabowski - and the GDR's borders were already open. Only a month before, a peaceful outcome of the demonstrations was still in the balance, and a bloody suppression of the protest movement, as in Tiananmen Square in Beijing, was in the cards.

What precautions had already been taken by the Politburo of the SED, what secret operational plans were already in place? Was it the non-violence of the demonstrators, a power vacuum between the acting politicians or pure coincidence that it remained peaceful and the revolution succeeded?


Participants: Curator Julia Franke and others; Moderation: Ulrike Herrmann.

The event is part of the accompanying program "Roads not Taken on ...", in which Ulrike Hermann, Gesine Schwan, the exhibition team, and changing guests enter the untaken paths of seven selected historical dates in discussion rounds and determine: Everything could possibly have turned out quite differently. Or?

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