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Live 2023

The rapper from the greater Stuttgart area is an absolute exception in the German music scene. With his debut EP "Genesis", released in 2016 via the Live-From-Earth collective, RIN was not only able to generate initial online hype, but also, above all, to go far beyond the boundaries and clichés of the cloud rap hype.

After a break, RIN reported back in October 2021 with his new album "Kleinstadt," on which RIN takes his fans back in time and dedicates his hometown of Bietigheim-Bissingen to his very own sound. Then in December 2021, a deluxe version of "Kleinstadt" was released, where he proved how versatile and genre-spanning his sound is.

The concert from 09.02.23 has been postponed to 24.11.23! All tickets remain valid.

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