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Book presentation, lecture and conversation

The recently published volume Right-Wing Extreme: Biographies after 1945 (2023), edited by Gideon Botsch, Christoph Kopke and Karsten Wilke, brings together biographical studies on 24 protagonists of German right-wing extremism.

The CVs presented are examples of different age groups, socialization trajectories and political orientations in the right-wing extremist milieu.

At the same time, they demonstrate the way in which political and social conditions influence the “ability to succeed” of the people presented here.

  • Book presentation: Prof. Dr. Christoph Kopke
  • Lecture “Michael Kühnen (1955–1991)”: Ann-Kathrin Mogge
  • Moderation: Prof. Dr. Gideon Botsch
Together with the Moses Mendelssohn Center for European Jewish Studies

(Program in German)
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Meeting point: Auditorium