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During Art Week, the Berlin group Random Thoughts Exhibitions is showing the photography exhibition "Right Time Right Place". The two photographers Johanna Goldmann and Alexi Maschas, who come from New York and Berlin, will be showing their work there. The opening will take place on Saturday, 17 September at 6 pm at Café Maran44 in Neukölln.

Veranstaltungen in Berlin: Right Time Right Place
© right time right place

"Right Time Right Place" shows photographs by the two photographers Johanna Goldmann and Alexi Maschas from 18 September to 1 October. The two photographers, who come from Berlin and New York, focus on places; people can be part of the whole, but are not the main actors. The exhibition draws attention to hidden stories, the images testify to curiosity and the unpredictable, show coincidence and humour through social strata. Goldmann and Maschas each focus on an overall image in their work, composed of precise observations and details of the moment, combined with the ability to recognise and capture these moments.

While the technical approaches of the photographs differ, the contents overlap in surprising ways. Light plays a central role in all the works and different interpretations. The powerful visual vocabulary of both manages to combine the familiar with a deep sense of alienation. 

The two photographers did not know each other before planning the exhibition, yet their works manage to generate this shared gaze. Their works capture the inexorable advance of global culture that erases local differences. The images show the visible, public progress of development as a constant of the 21st century.

"Right Time Right Place" is the starting point and part of an exhibition series that poses the question of identity and globality in different contexts. The exhibition makers come from the fields of art, graphics and culture and want to give the works their space in the neighbourhood, connect neighbourhoods and promote locality. The opening will take place on 17 September at 6 pm in Café Maran44 at Schudomastraße 44. The exhibition can be visited from 18.09. to 01.10.