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There is no moment in the history of Europe that was more exciting, but also none that was more frightening than the spring of 1848. Seemingly out of nowhere, huge crowds gathered in countless cities from Palermo to Paris and Venice, sometimes peacefully, often violently.

The political order that had held everything together since Napoleon's defeat collapsed.

New political ideas, beliefs and expectations were developing everywhere. At stake were the role of women in society, the end of slavery, the right to work, national independence and Jewish emancipation.

These were suddenly central life issues for an infinite number of people - and they were fought hard for.

The ideas of 1848 spread around the world and changed conditions for the better, but sometimes also for the much worse.

And out of the ruins rose a new and very different Europe.

Christopher Clark places the events in the context of pan-European history and shows how they continue to have an impact today.


Christopher Clark (reading and talk)

Susanne Kitschun (talk)

Hartmut Dorgerloh (talk)

Christopher Clark: born in 1960, is Professor of Modern European History at St. Catharine's College, Cambridge. His research focuses on the history of Prussia. He is the author of a biography of Wilhelm II, the last German emperor. For his book "Prussia" he received the prestigious Wolfson History Prize in 2007 and in 2010 he was the first non-German-speaking historian to receive the Prize of the College of History. His epoch-making book on the First World War, "Die Schlafwandler" (2013), topped the German non-fiction bestseller list for weeks and was an international book success. In 2018, he published the much-acclaimed bestseller "Von Zeit und Macht" (Of Time and Power), followed in 2020 by the critically acclaimed "Gefangene der Zeit" (Prisoners of Time). Christopher Clark is known to a broad television audience as the presenter of the multi-part ZDF documentary series "Deutschland-Saga", "Europa-Saga" and "Welten-Saga". In 2022 he was awarded the Honorary Award of the Bavarian Minister President.

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- Language: German
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