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Christina Wheeler

Christina Wheeler will premiere her complete tone-poem suite titled “The Totality of Blackness Trilogy”, a multimedia, immersive sound and video performance work devised to engender a space that reframes our experience of Blackness and the accompanying fear often intrinsically enmeshed therein.

Eingang Hebbel am Ufer
Eingang Hebbel am Ufer © visitBerlin, Foto Angela Kröll

The trilogy will be presented over three consecutive nights. Each tone poem is sung through subtle, elongated vocal techniques with effects processing, allowing the audience to experience the music’s message as both a meditative invocation as well as a transportive experience, creating a new relationship with Blackness, where fear can be released, and a place of love for the self relative to and included in the larger context of the world and the universe can be encouraged.

“Resonate in the Totality of Blackness” is the final work in the trilogy, and explores new means to negotiate our relationship with the totality that is our resonant being in the full spectrum of life. Inspired first by research into the connectivity of all elements, beings, and expanses through resonance, the piece addresses and re-negotiates the human-constructed binary relationship of self versus the other.

The work engages the realm of quantum entanglement, exploring creative ways to manifest its nuances of space and time in poetic form and narrative that conjures a fantastic world rooted in the bases of resonance and quantum entanglement theory, to converge in an experience of wonder and awe. The performance includes music, poetry, ambisonics, multi-speaker-array sound design, immersive video, and structured audience placement.

As part of “CTM 2023 – Portals”

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Hebbel am Ufer - HAU2