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Kiel & Meppelink

How can VR be experienced without putting on VR glasses? A person stands on stage in front of a large screen. The audience watches her as she exposes herself to the immersion of virtual worlds.

She looks into her past as a daughter, mother, partner, actress. Simulated fragments of memories: The big snowstorm. A bicycle trip. A father flying a kite in the garden. The role of Lady Macbeth.

A cascade of intertwined, immersive memory spaces emerges. A reality matroshka that begins with an inner-immersive play of the performer, continues through the virtual reality construction and the peculiar reality of a theater stage into the reality constructions of this world.


Rabea Kiel and Adolfina Fuck (Matthias Meppelink) have a longstanding collaboration, through Applied Theater Studies in Giessen and with the performance group Monster Truck. Since 2021, the duo has been exploring the medium of virtual reality as a performative tool with the aim of a productive misappropriation for theater.

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Additional information
Direction / Concept Rabea Kiel, Matthias Meppelink

Performance Susanne Abelein

Text Rabea Kiel, Matthias Meppelink, Susanne Abelein

Technical direction Fine Freiberg

Production management Sandra Klöß, ehrliche arbeit

Programming Matthias Meppelink

Digital assistence Elinor Hasselberg

Outside Eye Boris Nikitin

A production by Kiel & Meppelink in cooperation with Ballhaus Ost. Supported by the Hauptstadtkulturfonds.