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"Headwind shapes the character – this is our credo: Our sound forms a junction between jazz pop and prog rock, multilayered in harmonies and rhythms, repetitive, psychedelic. Our Lyrics pick up the audience: Socially critical, questioning and politically. Our lyrics are provocative, depict the beautiful and exaggerate the ugly to awaken self-efficacy and to inspire connection.We are

Release Tour 2022: J.O.E. + Special Guest
Release Tour 2022: J.O.E. + Special Guest © Jovana Wolf

J.O.E., we are unaffected, joyful and stormy. We are Jovana Wolf (vocals, guitars, synth), Marie-Kristin Burger (flute, backing vocals), Max Heimler (lead guitar), Frederick Dathe (bass, backing vocals) and Jakob Hofmann (percussion, drums)."

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