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In their research, Katerina Delakoura and Magdalena Meindl explore the question of what does it need for a dance to appear.

Hof der Uferstudios
Hof der Uferstudios © Uferstudios

For a long time they have been wondering why there is a gap between wanting to dance and actually dancing. Oftentimes, there is an urge to dance but then no dance that is satisfying enough to be fully called a “dance” happens. Why?

"reinkommen" ("coming in") is ada Studio's latest performance series.
It gives young choreographers the opportunity to open their work process, invite the audience to come in and to get into conversation.
Additional information
Funded as part of the Residency Funding Dance of the Berlin Senate Department for Culture and Europe.


Research & Presentation: Katerina Delakoura und Magdalena Meindl
Uferstudios: Uferstudio 7