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Family concert with Johanne Braun and Frederique Brillouin

Very few musical instruments were invented by a single instrument maker, so the history of the oboe also goes far back into the past. Even in ancient Egypt, there was an oboe instrument, the double oboe, and in the Middle Ages, the pommer and shawm were heard. Here you will also learn about the baroque oboe from France and, of course, our modern oboe.

Einzelteile einer Schalmei
Einzelteile einer Schalmei © Foto: Anne-Katrin Breitenborn

Why do today's musicians play on replicas of old instruments? Why is the modern oboe not always "better"?

The specialist for old oboe instruments Frederique Brillouin and the oboist Johanne Braun trace the history of the oboe and convey it in an entertaining and informative way in short dialogues with pictures and musical examples.
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Price: €5.00
Musikinstrumentenmuseum - Ben-Gurion-Straße