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The Forum Steglitz is taking a stand against the rising tide of waste and is taking part in the European Waste Reduction Week, with the focus on fashion and fashion. The Re-Use Superstore will be a guest in the house from November 16th to 25th and will show how attractive second-hand and vintage fashion can be.

Well-known charity labels such as Zweimalschön, rack'n'white as well as designers such as Cornelia Funck (FARBFUNCK), Ulla Heinz (Beverly Berlin) and Daniel Krohn (Ministry of Upcycling) present products that are made from second-hand through small and large changes -Make real fashion statements.

In addition, daily workshops are held in which practical examples are explained of how upcycling works and how anyone, even without prior knowledge, can enhance their clothing and make it an eye-catcher.

The fashion industry is developing ever faster, which is leading to increasing amounts of waste. In Germany alone, over 5 kilograms of old clothes per person are thrown away every year, which is just the European average. Other countries dispose of more than twice as much. However, the trend of rapidly changing fashion trends is countered by the idea of recycling and upcycling, in which old clothing items are reused or modified through simple means.

As part of the European Waste Reduction Week, the Re-Use Superstore will be present at the Forum Steglitz together with various providers. Labels such as FARBFUNCK, Beverly Berlin and the Ministry of Upcycling offer their products for sale. In addition, free workshops are offered where interested customers can learn how to reuse clothing or transform it into modern fashion accessories through upcycling. The event takes place from November 16th to 25th.