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The recording of the live stream from January 15, 2021 is available for viewing on the YouTube channel. Heidi Bohley, Peter Grimm and Jörg Drieselmann talked about individual memories of the GDR and their role in today's actions. January 15 of each year is a special day for the Stasi Museum. On that day in 1990, demonstrators forced the opening of the headquarters of the Ministry for State Security in Normannenstrasse in Lichtenberg.

Veranstaltungen in Berlin: Mitschnitt aus dem Stasimuseum: Gesprächsrunde mit Heidi Bohley und Peter Grimm
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As a result, the association ASTAK e.V. was founded, which opened its first exhibition in House 1 of the Stasi headquarters in November 1990. Thus, this year, the association and the museum look back on a history of more than thirty years! This year, for the first time, the Stasi Museum has partially moved its January 15 event to the Internet. In an ONLINE conversation, the publicist and founder of the Zeitgeschichte(n) association in Halle(Saale), Heidi Bohley, the journalist and documentary filmmaker Peter Grimm and, as moderator, the managing director of the Stasi Museum, Jörg Drieselmann, discuss the significance and usefulness of individual and institutionalized memory for current political action.

Again and again, historical references, in a broader sense memories, play a role in discussions. Personal experience is used as an argument, and comparisons or even equations are made casually. Rightly? Too wrongly? Questions that are asked are: What was the motivation for resistant behavior in the GDR? How do these experiences influence today's actions? Where do today's lines of conflict run? What is the use of historical comparisons?

(Program in German)
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