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The deeply gripping biography of an unusual man who experienced the healing power of music and today embodies it with immense radiance.

Veranstaltungen in Berlin: Lesung: Premiere mit Albrecht Mayer
© Christoph Köstlin / Hugendubel GmbH

He did not have an easy childhood: Albrecht stutters and thus becomes an oddball. When he was 10 years old, his father gave him an instrument for therapeutic purposes. What no one could have guessed at the time: For Albrecht, this moment becomes a healing ray of hope! Even as a child, he enchants everyone with the heavenly sounds he elicits from his oboe.  In his biography, Albrecht Mayer gives a stirring account of the steep rise of the insecure boy to the Olympus of the music world. He gives a close account of the hurdles and the people who accompanied him on his way, of performances with the most famous musicians in the world's greatest concert halls. But there is one thing he has never forgotten despite all his success: The stigma of stuttering and the happiness of having found his place in the world despite impairments.

Language: German
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