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with Tonio Schachinger

Congratulations to Tonio Schachinger! The winner of the German Book Prize 2023 will present the award-winning novel “Echtzeitalter” (Rowohlt Verlag, 2023) at the PalaisPopulaire. Moderated by Thomas Böhm.

At first glance, Tonio Schachinger's “Real Age” is a school novel. The second is much more than that: a social novel that describes the upbringing of its hero Till at an elite Viennese institution where future top performers are prepared for life with reactionary drills and educated middle-class ideals.

From this repressive environment, embodied by the Mephistophelian teacher Dolinar, Till takes refuge in the world of gaming. Schachinger reflects the political and social conditions of the present with subtle irony: brute force speaks from educated pupils. The world of computer games offers a place of imagination and freedom. The text deals with the question of the social place of literature in a narratively outstanding and contemporary way.

The German Book Prize is one of the most important literary prizes in Germany. The Deutsche Bank Foundation is the main sponsor of this award.

In cooperation with the German Book Trade Association and the Deutsche Bank Foundation

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