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Borges, Márquez, Llosa, Neruda, Cortazar, Bolaño: These names—exclusively male—still often come to mind first when Latin American literature is mentioned. Yet the magical realism so revered in Germany in its day has long since been replaced by other narrative forms.

So it’s high time to take a fresh, unbiased look at contemporary Latin American literature on the occasion of the Deutsche Bank “Artist of the Year” exhibition, titled La Chola Poblete: Guaymallén. For just as La Chola Poblete seeks individual forms of expression for her themes, so do Latin American writers for theirs.

Join us in looking forward to four exciting new releases, presented by Uslar & Rai, and read, as always, by a prominent and exceptional voice.
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Meeting point: Museumscounter

Price info: Limited capacity. You can obtain a free ticket here.