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Good news is rarely worth reporting - not even when it comes from Israel. But they exist, and you can read about them in this book, which is being published in time for the 75th anniversary of the founding of the state. Contrary to the usual TV images, the Israeli journalist and author Igal Avidan reports from a turbulent society in which some Jews and Arabs have long since found a way of living together that does not correspond to the ideas of eternal hatred (likely fueled by politicians on both sides).

A peaceful and at the same time fragile co-existence on the volcano - this is what you learn in these reports from everyday life in Israel. Violent attacks are the order of the day, but so is mutual help, solidarity, neighborliness and friendship.

"Igal Avidan doesn't just talk about Israel, he talks to Israelis - Jews and Arabs alike." - Günter Wallraff

Igal Avidan, born in Tel Aviv in 1962 and has been working from Berlin as a freelance journalist and Middle East expert for Israeli and German newspapers since 1990, will read from his book "... und es wird Licht!" and show pictures, accompanied by one of his Arabic books protagonists.

Cooperation partners are the State Center for Civic Education and the bookstore Der Divan.