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»Rage« – book presentation

In his captivating debut novel, Raphael Thelen shows how what is probably the greatest catastrophe in human history is devastating not only our ecosystems, but also our inner being. And he explores how far civil disobedience can go today - or even has to?

"Rage" - A novel from the heart of Generation Klima

Berlin, midsummer. Vallie, Sara and Wassim demonstrate in the glowing streets for more climate protection. Apparently they have already achieved a lot, are on first-name terms with political figures, and have won lawsuits against powerful corporations. And yet nothing changes, but the planet is racing towards the apocalypse almost unchecked. Sara and Vallie, who actually love each other, have long since burned out and can hardly find each other anymore. Does all this still have a meaning? That's what the three ask each other all the time.

But today is different. Sara and Wassim break away from the orderly march, taking Vallie with them. What are you up to? And how will the other side react? A cat-and-mouse game that is thrilling to the core unfolds, in which the three must surpass themselves - or lose everything.

»Wut« will be published by Arche on August 17, 2023

(Program in German)
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