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Zur Sonderausstellung „Gerhard Richter. 100 Werke für Berlin“

Which colors do you like? Do you prefer to paint realistically or freely, well planned or as an experiment? You explore the colourful, gray and reflective paintings by Gerhard Richter. How does chance intervene in the picture? You experiment with color and photo templates. You let layers of paint flow together, apply large amounts of paint with bold gestures and run the squeegee over your picture.

  • Three-day workshop: Tue – Thu / 11 a.m. – 2 p.m
  • Dates: 25.07. – 27.07.202301.08. – 08/03/2023

Participation fee: 36 euros

Limited number of participants. Online booking required.
Additional information
Meeting point: information

Price: €36.00

Booking: booking/prior registration essential