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Two gay boys from the countryside move to the big city, with a slight time lag. One of them becomes one of the most successful comic artists in the country, the other a bestselling author and stand-up comedian.

Ralf König & Markus Barth als Comicfiguren
Ralf König & Markus Barth als Comicfiguren © Ralf König

The two get to know each other, one says: "Let's do something together", the other takes it seriously and bang: there they sit on stage and present the best of their almost unmanageable oeuvre.

Ralf König & Markus Barth: KÖNIG MIT BARTH

An evening full of comics and tragedies, of bulbous noses and cranes, with heroic stories and dog anecdotes - well, and there will probably be a penis or two.

There's chatting, reading, drawing and playing - and the audience soon realizes: these two should do something together more often!

(Program in German)
BKA Theater