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Sit back, look at the stars and enjoy radio play highlights: radioeins presents the best ARD radio plays.

20,000 Leagues Under the Sea by Jules Verne

Who wouldn't want to explore mysterious underwater worlds as a deep-sea diver? The radio play, elaborately produced in 5.1 DOLBY DIGITAL TECHNOLOGY, creates very impressive sound worlds.

Is it a whale? Is it a sea unicorn? Or just a horrible monster? Something was wreaking havoc in the seas in 1866. An expedition led by deep-sea researcher Prof. Aronnax is then sent out to hunt down this creature of previously unknown strength and size. In fact, the team soon comes across the scary creature, but they are unable to kill or catch it; instead, the entire search party crew is thrown overboard.

But Prof. Aronnax and a few companions are saved by the supposed monster. The latter turns out to be a huge submarine called the Nautilus under the command of the enigmatic Captain Nemo. The latter, disgusted by his fellow human beings, has retreated into his own underwater kingdom.

(Program in German)
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Price: €9.50

Reduced price: €7.50