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Special Screening at Filmtheater am Friedrichshain

Special Screening on 20.03. at Filmtheater am Friedrichshain at 19:30 RADICAL is an honest, playful and inspiring story about a teacher who takes a radical approach to ignite the joy of learning in overlooked children.

The evening will be framed by a welcome address from Prof. Dr Jutta Allmendinger, President of the Social Science Research Centre Berlin & educational researcher.  

The sixth-graders at the Jose Urbina Lopez primary school in Matamoros are astonished when their new teacher Sergio Juarez (played by Latin megastar Eugenio Derbez) begins his first lesson.
They are considered the lowest-achieving pupils in Mexico and their world is characterised by violence, neglect and corruption.

An atmosphere of harshness and discipline prevails in the classroom. But Sergio chooses a different way to help the pupils out of the dead end of hopelessness: He turns to the class with freedom and empathy to unleash their curiosity, their potential and perhaps even their genius.

However, Sergios' unconventional curriculum is not only met with surprised and puzzled faces from the children, but also with little acceptance and support from the teachers' room...

The audience favourite and heartbreaker of the 2023 Sundance Festival (winner of the Sundance Festival Favorite Award) is based on true events and shines a light on the incredible potential that children can unleash when an innovative teacher empowers them to think for themselves and believe in themselves.

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