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workshop for children

In this workshop, children will be inspired by artist Mark Dion's toy installations and design their own Berlin board game!

The children create a board game with dice, game pieces, an imaginative game board and funny illustrations of the playing field. The story goes like this: An exhibition of old toys from the museum depot on the outskirts of the city opens in the Nikolaikirche Museum. But a box of toys was forgotten there. That's why the children set off across town to get them in time for the opening.

What awaits you on the way? Traffic jam? A demo? Or an unexpected ride? The children decide for themselves which adventures the players will experience, how easy or complicated their route to the museum will be and how much fun they will have along the way. You can take the finished board game home with you.

from 8 to 12 years

An event as part of Children’s Culture Month 2023.
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