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32nd price of German unity

is happening again – the Day of German Unity is near. The raceday with the
highest attendance figures of the year is about to happen on Germany’s most
beautiful horse racecourse.

Renntag in Hoppegarten
Renntag in Hoppegarten © galoppfoto

The raceday of German Unity – or as we say in German „Renntag der Deutschen Einheit“. Approximately 15.000 visitors will make sure that the raceday with eight races will be a memorable experience for everyone. The  highlight of the day is the „ 29. Preis der Deutschen Einheit“ – a group lll-race over 2.000 m.

Even since 1991 the racecourse Hoppegarten celebrates the raceday of German Unity annually – as the only national sports institution in Germany. Since the fall of the Berlin Wall, horses and humans from all parts of Berlin, Germany and foreign countries are able to visit Germany’s biggest and most beautiful racecourse. The raceday of German Unity is iconic for many Berliners, Brandenburgians and fans from all over Germany.

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