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At the QueerGarden Festival, which takes place on 8 and 9 July at "The Knast" in Berlin Lichterfelde, guests can expect an art market, entertainment and discussions, guided tours, BBQ and much more.

As part of Pride Month, which provides a diverse programme throughout Berlin in the weeks leading up to the CSD, prideART Berlin e.V. is organising two days full of highlights from the queer art and culture world in the large garden of the former (women's) prison "The Knast".

Pride Month will already be celebrated at "The Knast" with the opening of the recurring summer exhibition "Intersectional 5.0" by prideART Berlin e.V. on 6 July. The artists will be present at the summer festival.

In addition to a queer art market and insights into the exhibition Intersectional 5.0, there will be a diverse programme with performance and music. Queer topics will be discussed in open dialogue formats and the artists present will give visitors direct insights into their studios and work processes.

During guided tours through the former prison complex, interested visitors will learn exciting facts and anecdotes about the history and the ongoing renovation work.

Catering is provided: coffee and cake, drinks and grilled food can be purchased on site.

prideART Berlin e.V. in close cooperation with the operators of the former (women's) prison "The Knast" and the Steglitz-Zehlendorf Economic Development Agency.