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In its "Christmas" program, the world music ensemble Quadro Nuevo plays well-known and lesser-known Christmas carols, which the four full-blooded musicians interpret in their own charming way. Their music gives the melodies a certain kick and a happy lightness. A joyful Christmas mood arises and warms hearts.

Quadro Nuevo has been touring the countries of the world since 1996 and has given over 3000 concerts. All of Quadro Nuevo's albums received the German Jazz Award and entered the top ten of the jazz and world music charts.

Quadro Nuevo:

  • Mulo Francel, saxophone and clarinet
  • Andreas Hinterseher, accordion, bandoneon, melodica and trumpet
  • Dietmar Lowka, bass and percussion
  • Phillip Schiepek, guitar

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Quadro Nuevo
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