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Art enthusiasts can now look forward to a very special exhibition at the Hotel de Rome, a Rocco Forte Hotel: In collaboration with photographer Stephan Horch, initiator of the Clean River Project, and the Circle Culture Gallery, the Haus am Bebelplatz is presenting the exhibition PURESGOLD to jointly draw attention to the problem of water pollution by plastic waste and thus focus on the issue of sustainability. 

Veranstaltungen in Berlin: PURESGOLD
© Clean River Project; Stephan Horch

The name of the exhibition is derived from the genesis of the artworks:
found objects collected from the river are "gilded", so to speak, and photographically staged.

The golden colour transforms the found objects, such as shuttlecocks, watering cans or a used hand hoover, into real treasures and symbolises their preciousness. The specially developed lighting concept sets the scene for the works of art and makes them shine in new splendour. Due to their long time in water, the objects are partly broken and weathered.

This is where the process of reflection begins and triggers a deeper examination of the problem. By combining aesthetics and message, the value of plastic is made clear to the viewer and the use of finite raw materials is questioned.

The exhibition by the artist and photo designer Stephan Horch aims to raise awareness of the valuable resource plastic - from the throwaway culture that threatens our ecosystems to environmentally conscious consumption and sustainable action.