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Release concert « feelin’ lucky »

Pugsley Buzzard - The Big Voice from Down Under Australia - dances exuberantly through space and time with his Swamp Orchestra on the album "feelin lucky". Weird honky tonk meets the magic of Zappa and invites the beat poets Kerouac and Ginsberg for a drink.

Pugsley Buzzard's compositions tell of vagabonds scarred by life, singing the songs of uprooted troubadours. Pugsley's raspy baritone gets under the skin and lets anyone with a heart in their chest experience the love of life and the blazing flame of passion. Join him for a big-easy party with the top-notch band under the motto "Get The Buzz".

  • Pugsley Buzzard - voc, piano
  • Bernhard Ullrich - sax
  • Rob Gutowski - trombone
  • Tobi Fleischer - bass
  • Micha Maass - drums

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